Buying Hitachi Magic Wand In Hong Kong

This is the classic massager you have probably heard about from friends or in the media. Super-powerful electric massager with the soft, flexible head. It is, but it is no longer branded the "Hitachi Magic Wand" because Hitachi does not want its name associated with a sex toy. All Europe Magic Wands with a serial number larger than 1420000 will work with 110 V @ 60 Hz.

It is so powerful, in fact, that the low setting is enough for most people, and many women recommend using it with a comforter or towel between them and the Magic Wand. If the lifetime of the massager should be shortened, we recommend that the massager gets a break after 20 minutes, if it is used at speed 6 (max).

The controls on the Hitachi wand vibrator are placed about midway up the handle, which makes them easily accessible. The company would like folks to know that they make many other exciting and just as powerful products. Unlike the many battery-powered vibrators found in the market, it has the ability of bringing a woman to orgasm much quicker.

Several of the original” Hitachi Magic Wand models come with a regular light dimmer switch. First, go ahead and use it as an all-around body massager — that's what it was originally designed for! I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to level up their pleasure and really explore their sexuality independent of a partner, but with the caveat that it's powerful and you don't want to become too dependent on it!!

Europe Magic Wand is a high quality body massager - that according to the users also happens to be the worlds best intimate massager. In fact, this lack of versatility is one reason why some people don't love the Magic Wand. It is our ongoing work to give you a more silent Europe Magic Wand for each production run we make.

We had some weighted heads custom made- thicker than most other wand vibrators and started working with a motor factory to figure out which motor would be powerful enough to spin the heads without a struggle. Hitachi Magic Wand Electric Massager has been added to your Cart.

We knew we'd found the holy grail of vibrators and would never go anywhere without our Hitachi Wand. Clear Silicone Male Massager Attachment Magic Wand Massager Accessory. The more pressure you put on the head, the more powerful the vibrations will get. In case my hints haven't been clear enough, I'll let you in on the secret of the Hitachi magic wand……it doubles as a toe-curling, lip-biting, orgasm-generating vibrator.

Because it plugs into the wall, you never have to worry about batteries dying out on you and because an appliance manufacturer makes it, you can expect this to outlive most other sex toys. After dark, this wand turns into something much more…ahem….erotic than just a personal body massager.

The Hitachi Wand comes with a 2-speed motor that is powerful enough to satisfy your mind blowing needs yet calm enough to cater to those gentle intimate moments. But I feel like Hitachi is to vibrators as Dyson is to vacuum cleaners. I bring the Magic Wand to every group sex session my partner and I have because it takes the pressure off the guys for having to make a girl (who's vagina they've never met) cum.” - Alexa R.

However, the electric massager wand massager cordless has since become famous as a sexual stimulator and it is commonly used as a masturbation aid and vibrator for women. BUT, I think this vibe has wonderful potential for beginners - IF and only if they have tried other vibrators before, and continually find it difficult to orgasm.

Partners love to watch women using the Magic Wand Original on themselves, of course, but you can also allow your partner to use it on you. Hitachi magic wand has been made a synonym of Vibrators Works and bookmarks tagged with hitachi magic wand will show up in Vibrators's filter.

Making a list of what to bring; multiple floggers, wooden bongers (massagers), a knife or two, a few paddles, my violet wand, a large cane, and a variety of nipple play toys. The Hitachi Magic Wand has been the Cadillac of vibrators for years because of its power.

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