20 Tips & Tricks For Sailing With MSC

For more information, prices, and detailed day-by-day information about MSC Seaside, please click one of the sailing dates below. Each of the four ships will feature two brand new contrasting shows, the first two debuted on MSC Meraviglia in June this year and creative work is underway on two more shows for MSC Bellissima. Some Mediterranean cruises also cross the Dardanelle straits to visit Yalta and Odessa - the summer homes of Russian Tsars.

For me, personally - I wouldn't travel with them again as a solo traveller, because of language barriers, but if with a group of friends, I would consider it. I would like to try a different cruise line next time that offered more onboard activities, something that was disappointingly lacking on MSC.

MSC Cruises have taken relaxation to another level entirely. Bureau Veritas has recognised MSC Cruises with the 2016 Special Safety Best Practices Award for the high level of voluntary-enhanced safety procedures implemented across its entire fleet. MSC markets to numerous nationalities and many cultures and languages are represented onboard.

While MSC cruises are typically priced at very value-oriented levels (i.e. comparatively cheap cruise fares), the ships offer a fairly unprecedented range of services and amenities that cost extra, such as a la carte menus and fees for port shuttles.

MSC's Wedding planner will contact the guests before the cruise to plan the ceremony with them. Time in Port was 5 hours at the most and that does not include boarding and travel time to destination, so really you ended up with 3-4 hours realistically. During recent years MSC's maritime fleet has grown significantly to reach the rank of the 2nd largest carrier in 1998 in respect to the number of vessels operated (134), and the 4th largest carrier in terms of container slot capacity.

Italian” is a concept you'll see a lot of on an MSC cruise, where the atmosphere (and the attitude) is Italian all the way — even if many of the staff are not. Our modern fleet comprises 12 magnificent ships. 28 February 2014 : All inclusive drinks packages were made available for local cruises departing from South Africa.

12 September 2016 : Bureau Veritas, a global testing and inspection service, awards MSC Cruises the 2016 Special Safety Best Practices Award for a "high level of voluntary-enhanced safety procedures implemented across its entire fleet". A sister ship, the MSC Seaview, is due to enter service in June 2018.

MSC Cruises is Italian born and bred, created in 1990 as a small offshoot of the massive, privately owned Mediterranean Shipping Company, the second largest container-ship company in the world. In 1988, the Aponte family got into the cruising business making MSC the largest privately owned cruise company in the world.

For example, our ultramodern ships feature an innovative Route Monitoring System which uses satellite technology to relay the vast amount of data provided on board to the MSC Cruises Maritime Operations Headquarters in Sorrento. So you can explore the Mediterranean as she has never been experienced before, from the beauty of a ship that's simply divine.

We have cruised on Royal Caribbean Allure and Oasis many times and many times on Celebrity Solstace class ships. MSC will offer special benefits to you with the MSC Voyagers Club card which includes a 5% discount on booking, priority boarding and more. When it was launched in 2006 it was the largest cruise ship in the world.

An MSC cruise is a perfect blend of the old and the new: ultramodern ships and a completely contemporary onboard experience merged with the traditional read more charm, warmth, and hospitality that's reflective of the cruise line's Italian heritage. MSC Cruises line is the world's 4th largest cruise ship company, it represents 6% of the cruising market.

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